Consider the mass shootings to dumping of water on police. No new laws need to be made in order to arrest someone who assaults a police officer.

But if you watched the recent interview of the mayor of New York, you would know why such outrageous conditions exist in that city and across America today.

When you have mayors and other so called “officials” across America telling illegals — yes, I said the dirty word “illegals” — how to avoid and escape from ICE and being detained and questioned. Does anyone with a bit of common sense wonder why America is in such turmoil?

In the era I grew up in, I was taught by my parents to respect elders, police, teachers and do unto others as you would have them to you.

There was no social media, where someone in their basement and or “politicians” could spew out hate and untruths instantly in warp speed.

You have an atmosphere in which all you have to do is go to a search engine and get the “facts.” A lot of the time, this is the ideology of the people of that search engine and accepted as the truth — which is now being exposed.

We don’t need more laws, we need to enforce the ones on the books. When you have “lawmakers” telling people how to avoid or ignore the law, you have created the division of the country we are now in.

Many of these mass shooters have a troublesome past as a minor. These offensives need to be looked upon as symptoms and further scrutinized. And their record needs to be documented and not expunged when they turn 18 and become a so called “adult.”

When you have a country now that yells every time someone who disagrees with them as being a removing, removing past history from the books and across towns in America, not identifying with gender, not standing for the national anthem, no borders, free college, free health care, a government stipend for all and lawlessness.

We are heading in the undoing of America that made this country what it once was.

You may dislike the current president but I shudder to think what may have become, if he had not been elected.

As time goes on, more is being exposed to the workings in Washington. And both sides are fearful of the truth being exposed to the people.

I can only hope that when and if the truth comes out, people will put partisan politics aside and think for themselves.

Gerald F. Davis


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