Appalachian Laboratory key player in collaborations

My name is Jonathan, and I am beginning my second year as a Ph.D. student at the Appalachian Laboratory of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science in Frostburg. I was excited to read your recent article which focused on enhancing the transfer agreement and partnership among Frostburg State University, Allegany College of Maryland and Garrett College. Such collaborations are key to helping students in our region succeed in their various career paths.

The Appalachian Laboratory is engaged in several such collaborative initiatives, as well. For example, some graduate students who study under the guidance of Appalachian Laboratory faculty are enrolled through the biology department at FSU, laboratory faculty help to advise FSU graduate students, and FSU students can take classes that laboratory faculty teach. Similarly, the Appalachian Laboratory has been working on an internship program in which undergraduates from FSU participate in environmental research projects at AL. Laboratory faculty have even collaborated with our local K-12 schools on outreach and research projects.

More personally, this summer I am providing a hands-on research experience to an undergraduate student from Garrett College; this is a win-win as the undergraduate gains training in cutting-edge scientific research and I gain assistance with my dissertation project.

Thanks to discussions with FSU faculty during the past two months, this student is considering enrolling in FSU to obtain a bachelor’s degree after completing his associate’s degree at GC. He would undoubtedly benefit from this new transfer agreement.

So, let’s keep up the good work of providing new and better opportunities to students in our region, and please don’t forget that the Appalachian Laboratory is a key player in such efforts.

Jonathan W. Johnson


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