The Letter of the Week from David DeWitt of Frostburg, “Haircuts were free, but the memories were priceless,” was selected by the Times-News editorial board as the best letter of those that appeared during the week of Aug. 25-31). It was published Aug. 27.

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Haircuts: Free, Advice: $7. That was the sign you read when you sat down in the chair at Fred’s Barber Shop on Centre Street in Cumberland.

Fred Willison passed away last week and left a larger than life hole in our community. (See obituary, Aug. 24 Times-News, Page 6A.)

Since the summer of 1970 I have had my hair cut at Fred’s every six weeks or so; the last time being in mid-July of this year.

Each time, Fred asked about my family, health and job. He did that with every patron and cut hair regardless of age, gender, race or politics.

A few years ago, when Dad had limited mobility, Fred would meet us at the door and help him into the chair.

A normal 10-minute haircut would turn into 30 because Fred and Dad liked to talk. Fred was one of the few people who could make Dad laugh out loud.

Shortly after I retired a couple of years ago, Fred asked me what I did each day, how I was coping with the new lifestyle and so forth.

We talked a bit and then I mentioned that I had been coming to him for over 46 years. I asked him when HE was going to retire.

He looked me in the eye and said that he would cut hair until he died. On Aug. 22, Fred retired. Haircuts: free, advice: $7, a generation of great memories: priceless.

Rest in peace, Fred.

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