The Letter of the Week from Karyl Hansen of Cumberland, “Bridge work schedule could be handled better,” was selected by the Times-News editorial board as the best letter of those that appeared during the week of June 23-29. It was published June 26.

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Living in Cumberland’s West Side, I read with interest the article (See: “City, CSX officials to meet July 18,” June 20 Times-News, Page 1A) about the forthcoming meeting between the city and CSX to discuss options for the infamous bridges.

Also, I heard comments from the mayor on the projected timeline for the various bridge projects.

Now, I have an observation and questions.

The mayor states that he believes that the first bridge to be fixed will take about two years, with construction to start in 2021, and the second one will be completed two years after the first.

The final bridge will be another two years.

He projects that it will be a full six years before all the bridges will be finished.

Since the engineering proposals will be discussed at the July 18 meeting, why can’t all three bridges be started, and worked on at the same time? Why can’t we have all three bridges finished in two years?

The same article, and an earlier article, stated that the Baltimore Street bridge is in even worse shape than the three railroad bridges, and this bridge construction will be underway in 2020.

Puzzling to me is the fact that we are continuing to drive over the bridge in the worst condition every day, while the Cumberland Street bridge has been closed to traffic for over a year, and will remain closed until construction begins in 2021. Why?

Wouldn’t it be logical to open the Cumberland Street bridge until construction begins? How about a single lane of traffic? 

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