States relied on mail-in votes because of pandemic

For months now, the president of the United States has encouraged his supporters to say he actually won this election. He has encouraged violent protests. And he reaped what he sowed yesterday.

The operative word here is election. President Trump lost this election. He doesn’t like it. No one likes to lose — anything. But this is what’s happened. Throughout our history, people have run for office and lost or won. That’s how it works. What we witnessed yesterday was an angry mob who didn’t like to lose and believed, because of what Trump said, that he actually won.

Yes, this election had more votes by mail because we’re in the middle of a pandemic and states worked to ensure that everyone could vote. Votes in contested states were counted over and over and the results certified. This is how it works.

Imagine, for a moment, if those who had supported Trump’s opponent in the last presidential election would have done what was done yesterday. Imagine what he would have said then. The difference? He won.

For those who supported Trump, it’s time to back off, begin to work together for what’s best for our country. Air your grievances but do so with ideas for solutions as well, express your disappointment, but not with violence and attack but with words that others can hear and respond to. This is what we must do. It is past time for all of us and for all of our leaders to say, “This is our country. We live here together. We’ll protest nonviolently when needed. We’ll argue. But, ultimately, we must act collectively.”

For those who say, somehow, that Trump is selected by Jesus, I say, read more. What we saw yesterday was not Christian. It was not surprising. It was appalling.

Yvonne Perret


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