Cemetery group adopts new cleaning techniques

One of the main mission statements for the Cumberland Historic Cemetery Organization is to promote and preserve American history, heritage and Western culture for future generations. Among the many ways we do this is to erect and restore monuments for and to great American heroes and patriots.

Since 1983, the CHCO has done this in almost every cemetery in the area, along with cemeteries from Pennsylvania to Florida. These monuments are great promoters for local tourism. Every year, tourists travel to our area to admire and read our beautiful informational monuments placed at historic grave sites. The monuments cover all of our nation’s history from the American Revolutionary War to current day.

Along with erecting and restoring monuments, which are also in many cases works of art, we maintain them. Maintenance on the monuments involves many aspects. All of our designated and protected monuments we own. It includes weeding and grass mowing around them. Decorating the grave sites several times a year with seasonal flowers, wreaths, etc., and the placing of our nation’s proper historical and patriotic flags.

The CHCO is very blessed to have a wonderful board member who serves as our maintenance director, David Burcaw, and his assistant, Malinda Newhouse. These two members have been visiting our monument locations and cleaning the monuments with a new mild non-chemical solution. Last fall, Burcaw and Newhouse attended a course, as CHCO members, to learn the proper way to clean monuments. This course was offered by Mount Olivet Cemetery in Frederick. Mount Olivet is one of the most important historical cemeteries in the United States. Among many, the author of our nation’s great national anthem, the “Star-Spangled Banner,” Francis Scott Key, is buried just inside the main gate.

The members have been using water, a soft brush and the gentle bio solution to wash away dirt and growth from the hundreds of monuments that have been erected and restored by our organization over the years. This summer members will be cleaning the many bronze plaques we have installed. I would wish to thank David Burcaw and Malinda Newhouse for their hard work and great dedication to the many principles of the Cumberland Historic Cemetery Organization.

To view our monuments, visit our website www.chco.info and see our cemetery tour youtube videos.

Edward W. Taylor Jr.


Cumberland Historic Cemetery Organization Inc.

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