Former HRDC building would be perfect for Union Rescue Mission

We are not questioning the good work that is performed by the Union Rescue Mission. They are to be commended.

When they say not in our neighborhood, isn’t the city of Cumberland doing the same thing by offering to move them to Columbia Street? They do not want them to be located near the downtown that they are spending millions on.

One city councilman told us he would not want them next door to him.

Bottom line: A homeless shelter does not belong in a residential area where elderly people and schoolchildren reside. There is a building across from City Hall at 19 Frederick St. that would be perfect. When it was occupied by the Allegany County Human Resources Development Commission, they served many meals there every day to senior citizens.

We are concerned because over the years we have been driven crazy by some occupants of this building (11 Columbia St.), which the owner turned into a low-class boarding house. Mainly drug addicts lived there and several overdosed and died.

Is a background check done before the mission takes people in?

There could be a rapist, pedophiles, murderers, who knows? What about COVID? Are they vaccinated?

On Aug. 23 2013, Deana Clark, director of housing for Allegany County, commented that mental health issues and addictions are the main cause of homelessness. In 2017, because of fighting, meals were stopped.

As for the former synagogue, the building has black mold and the basement and roof leak. There is no sprinkler system, and it needs new air conditioning. Repairs to the elevator may cost as much as $45,000. The parking lot floods and is a mess.

Rodney and Rosemarie Raymond


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