GCPS using staff, students in science experiment

At the beginning of the school year, Garrett County Superintendent of Schools Barbara Baker doubled down on the notion that virtual school was the safest way our children could return to learning. A week later, in a 180-degree reversal, she announced we were returning to school under the hybrid model.

Rumor states that this was due to an outpouring of frustration from parents. However, details about the decision remain obscure. Under the returning plan, many students will go from four days of live instruction down to two. Many virtual-only students are entirely asynchronous under the hybrid plan. Not to mention that ALL returning students and staff are now at greater risk if contracting and spreading COVID-19.

PPE was not supplied to county teachers and aside from requiring students to wear masks, no immediate action has been taken to ensure COVID doesn’t spread through our schools. Before all students have returned, the school system has already announced that a staff member tested positive for COVID. In usual fashion the illusion of safety was promised, but of course cannot be assured.

GCPS is allowing their teachers, staff and students to partake in a science experiment. Who will fall first, teacher or student? Before Christmas will there be a recorded death? The only weapon they’ve employed against COVID is dumb luck.

Once again our society had bowed to its loudest voices, and allowed the reckless and disillusioned to effect the public policy thousands must live by. Parents simply couldn’t stomach the thought of being directly responsible for their child’s education, so they thought it best to put every child and teacher at grave risk.

Jeremy J. Gosnell


Freedom now treated like a welfare program

The stench of corruption and complacency now lies over our country like a never clearing fog. Never have American citizens been so compliant with a government so corrupt that it makes a mockery of the people that protect you and the Constitution that documents their requirement to comply with your sovereignty.

The principal that we the people have the individual responsibility of ensuring that we have a government that represents the people and provides a safe and secure environment has been replaced by a population without principal. Most simply watch TV while waiting for someone else to protect our rights and freedoms. Freedom is now treated like a government welfare program, it’s always supposed to be there, but someone else will provide it.

The stench that consumed Venezuela can easily be compared to our own. Venezuela, one of the richest republics in the world, is now controlled by a corrupt government elected by a corrupted voting and political system. Since the government coup in Venezuela hyperinflation has led to a dramatic drop in living standards and a lack of basic goods, while personal safety is worse than anywhere else on the continent.

Thousands have fled the country and spread throughout South America. The Venezuelan people failed to take their responsibility as citizens of a free republic seriously and became complacent worrying more about their entertainment and personal well-being than corruption in their government.

Legal immigrants to America are the people that understand the values and principals of freedom. They left countries where the educational system, unions and corruption was used to take away their freedoms. They now have one thought in common. If Americans fall for the radical agenda there will be no where on this planet left to go.

Always remember, the foundation of corrupt politics is based on the belief that people who stand for nothing will fall for anything.

Jim Hinebaugh


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