Each year during July, the Cumberland Historic Cemetery Organization honors America’s Revolutionary War veterans and works to promote and preserve our great nation’s rich and sacred history. Since 1983 we have erected many monuments to these great founders of the United States.

Over the years we have erected all types of monuments to great patriots such as the founder of Cumberland, Thomas Beall, who fought in our nation’s first war for independence. He began the city in 1787 in what is now the lower Greene Street area. On July 4, 2015, the CHCO unveiled a information monument for Lt. Col. Moses Rawlings; he and Beall escaped from a British prisoner ship in New York and went on to fight for our young nation. Rawlings was named for him and he built the beautiful home which was later known as the Lowndes home. These two patriots are buried near to each other in Rose Hill Cemetery in Cumberland.

Another American patriot is Revolutionary War Soldier Daniel McLaughlin. He is buried with his parents and family in the Lower McLaughlin Cemetery located on Arnold Stickley Road near Green Spring, West Virginia. The CHCO restored this site, adopted it and erected a one-ton monument to Daniel who was present in Yorktown, Virginia, when Cornwallis surrendered. This man saw history in the making which was the sacred beginnings of our nation. The CHCO has maintained this historic cemetery since 1995, where we fly two large flags, the U.S. and Revolutionary War Gadsden flags.

To kick off our month of great American history, we will hold our annual July 4th event once again this year to honor Capt. David Lynn. The event will began at 10 a.m. at our headquarters at 400 S. Allegany St., and the historic 1801 columns. In 2008, the CHCO installed a granite plaque at the columns which was the entrance to the Lynn estate, which was called Rose Hill.

Capt. Lynn served in the Revolution in the Continental Army under Gen. George Washington. His grandsons all fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War. They were not slave owners, however, they fought for the states rights issue. Capt. Lynn owned the West Side of Cumberland. Lynn family were the founders of Rose Hill Cemetery, Fayette Street, which was named after the family home.

After the reading of the plaque, those present will travel to nearby Rose Hill Cemetery to lay a wreath at Capt. Lynn’s grave and his grandson Sprigg Lynn, who are both buried under CHCO monuments. CHCO members and Sons of Confederate Veterans will fire a three-gun heroes salute. At noon the CHCO will pray the Rosary for the deceased at the Shrine of the Pieta located in SS. Peter & Paul Cemetery located next door to Rose Hill.

The public is more than welcome and it is free. Come bring your family and honor and learn our great American history and heritage which we should be so proud of. Any questions, call 301-722-4624 or visit www.chco.info.

I want to mention the death of Jim Goldsworthy. Jim was a good guy. He was a member of Sons of Union Veterans and I used to enjoy running into him at many events far and wide. Last month when I wrote about Memorial Day I commented on the good work volunteers were doing at Greenmount Cemetery. Jim sent me an email back and asked me to thank those folks on his behalf because he said some day he hoped he was going to be buried there. Little did he and all of us know it would be less than two weeks later.

God bless you, Jim.

Edward W. Taylor Jr.


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