Have the last laugh and govern well now

Aha, Watson, the game’s afoot. Professor Moriarty has returned.

Gene Gall, pithy as ever, reviewed my latest unlettered screed to the Times-News and, also as ever, found it disappointing. As near as I could noodle, Mr. Gall found my humor, such as it is, misplaced in merely dismissing President Trump’s now discontinued tweets as “asinine.” Worse, I treated the notion of a Trump restoration in a manner far too cavalier for such a catastrophic possibility.

Oddly, Mr. Gall offered as testimonials in support of his position that my levity was inappropriate, the reactions of the Capitol Police involved in the Jan. 6 mayhem and the observations of President Trump’s estranged niece Mary Trump.

Presumably, Mr. Gall’s reference to the Capitol Police was the testimony of some cherry-picked officers at Nancy Pelosi’s kangaroo show-trial special committee investigating the clownish insurrection at the Capitol. No one respects law enforcement more than I do; but this congressional waste of time is so obviously political theater that it does not impress me as having any real gravitas.

And Mary Trump? She’s a one-trick pony whose shtick is to bad-mouth her uncle. To my ears, she’s an envious, publicity glutton who has about exhausted her 15 minutes.

Now all that said, I do believe there are legions of thoughtful, authentic, well-informed people who are horrified at the thought that our 45th president may someday return as our 47th (assuming President Kamala doesn’t beat him to it). Mr. Gall may fall into that cohort.

But it is the rigid humorlessness of so many of these folks, the snotty, elitist judgmentalism and their certitude that just brings out the needle in me. And telling me it’s not a laughing matter because, because, well because Mary Trump doesn’t think it’s funny is, I’m sorry, hilarious. If anti-Trumpers want to have the last laugh, it’s simple: govern well now that you are in charge.

Jon Ketzner


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