Since R. Steele Selby’s letter to the editor “Let’s have them get together” of Jan. 30 mentioned my name, I felt it was my responsibility to respond to his letter.

As I was reading Mr. Selby’s comments it dawned on me that words really do have meaning and one should be careful in using certain words.

One example would be Mr. Selby’s description of letters to the editor sent by Ellen McDaniel-Weissler (See: “Many of them will surely die,” Jan. 12), Gary Clites (See: “This isn’t a healthy attitude for someone to take,” Jan. 16) and mine (See: “No, America is not on the brink of war with Iran,” Jan 17).

While describing Ms. McDaniel-Weissler’s letter, he states she “expressed strong negativity towards President Trump.”

In describing Mr. Clites and my letter, he states we were “quite virulent” in our defense of the president’s behavior.” I was not real sure of the meaning of virulent so I looked it up in Webster’s Dictionary, and it reads “Hostile, bitter, spiteful.”

So, in essence, Mr. Selby is stating Ms. McDaniel-Weissler’s comments were simply negative while Mr. Clites and mine were hostile, bitter and spiteful.

I am not sure what letters Mr. Selby read but I would suggest he re-read those letters. I almost suspect Mr. Selby must have gone to the H. Clinton school of missteps. Remember “deplorables”?

By the way, I do not accept the contention that Mr. Clites and I were defending the president’s behavior but rather defending his decision to remove Qasem Soleimani from this world.

Mr. Selby follows up his comments by suggesting all three of us are “honorable people,” so my question would be by what measure does he draw that conclusion? Mr. Selby measures his conclusions on the fact that over seven decades everyone he has meet proved to be honorable.

All I can say to that is “More power to you Mr. Selby.” My experience has been a bit different. I believe everyone has the capacity to be honorable as being a gift from God, but in my seven decades I have not found many honorable people. I find that most people are concerned with self and will do whatever they need to do to fulfill the needs of self.

Reading further, Mr. Selby states that if we were to meet, one important question to ask would be the so-called consequences of having — according to Mr. Selby — a president with a serious mental illness.

That is a fairly heavy accusation to lay on someone. So, it seems if one decides to defend themselves, they must have a mental problem.

What I find interesting is Mr. Selby seems to think his doctoral studies qualify him to diagnose the president as having a mental problem. He cites psychiatric literature as finding the president as suffering “narcissistic megalomania.”

If true it sounds like we are talking opinion verses a personal examination. Forgive me if I take his opinion with a large grain of salt.

Finally, Mr. Selby states he was born and raised a Republican. Based on comments in his letter I suspect he is a RINO (Republican In Name Only).

As a Republican I don’t always agree with my party, but I do support my president until such time as he proves he cannot lead. I see Mr. Selby as just another Trump hater, and that in my opinion is very sad.

Terry Copeland


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