How can we mend nation with so much vitriol?

My initial thought on Mr. (Ken) Metz’s rants (“Fox News lies aided, abetted storming of Capitol”) were that since he hated Fox News with such a passion that he must enjoy his news from those highly accurate left-wing snowflake organizations such as CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the lame stream media.

My second thought was my own attempt to digest the tremendous amount of hate put forward by Mr. Metz and wonder how in the hell, in our extremely divided country, are we ever going to put it back together with this amount of vitriol within.

My third thought was to respond in kind with anger and sadness to Mr. Metz. It seems I’m about to accomplish it.

Mr. Metz seems to also have a problem with white people based on the number of times it was mentioned or referenced negatively in said article. Besides white, we find other questionable terms such as; “pale-face, male and Anglo-Saxon.” Happily, I can report to be a member, in good standing, of all three and proud of it. And those biases of Mr. Metz would bring up the question I would then ask because of his inordinate references to white people. And, since I don’t know Mr. Metz, I’m wondering if the biases he shows are because he may be black, therefore his distaste of white people?

He also mentioned and assumed that most protesters (rioters) were from red states and states of the old Confederacy, which in his mind makes us all white supremacists. I take serious exception to the fact that he equates red states and people that live in them white supremacist. Now, what Mr. Metz fails to mention, as does the snowflake mainstream media, is the horrible rioting that has taken place in blue states this summer.

Burning, looting and murder in such wonderful blue states as Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, Michigan and New York, to name a few. Seems to me to be a helluva lot more serious damage done to the country from the blue states than what transpired at the Capitol, as bad as it was, never should have happened.

Finally, if there is no serious communication between the political left and the right to put us back on an even keel, I will guarantee you, as that old saying goes, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Bill Spotts

Keyser, W.Va.

Vaccination ‘very personal’ after close friends’ deaths

I submit this letter in hopes that if it encourages just one person to get the COVID-19 vaccine who otherwise would not have survived, it would be worth my effort of plowing through this submission and making a difference.

To all those opposed or on the line with vaccines, I have examined the risk/benefit analysis for this COVID vaccine. A large part of the equation is the recent loss of two close friends who contracted the COVID and have passed away.

Both friends were very active, energetic members of the community. I just can’t comprehend how fast this happened to them and their families. It is still bouncing between my ears that they are gone.

So, with that said, I have accepted and received the vaccination at the Martinsburg VA Medical Center. I did not have to sign up. Did not have to get on the waiting list. The Veterans Aministration keeps a database.

When the vaccine was available, I received a call that I was in the eligibility field and was set up with an appointment. I am always grateful for the care that I receive from the Veterans Administration.

I don’t want to be blasted for my choice to get the vaccine. I know that the Amish and Mennonite do not get vaccines and their children are mostly free of ADHD, autism, etc. I do attribute a high degree of health issues that children have to a preponderance of vaccinations.

With that said, the risk of passing, as my two recently deceased friends, who were with us one minute and gone the next, has taken me to the high outcome benefit decision of getting this COVID vaccine.

Time will tell. I feel, perceive, or hopefully know, that I am on the way to being protected from this COVID disease that so disrespectfully took my wonderful friends. It is true that five years from now, I may grow antlers out the side of my head from this COVID vaccine, but it is the risk that I am now willing to take.

The world has changed and this COVID disease and available vaccination has become very personal.

Bill Zapf


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