I am so upset with the coverage of the impeachment trial. This was a historic event. Our children are going learn about this trial. We teach them to always tell the truth no matter what. And then our leaders lie and manipulate.

This trial is very embarrassing to our country and a bunch of crap. I believe it was a distraction to keep our minds off what the new president was up to. Also because the Democrats and RINOS (Republicans in Name Only) fear that Trump will run again in 2024 and it scares them to death. The reason they want him gone is because they have no control over him.

President Trump works for what is best for America and the people who live in this great country. We the people entrust our future to them. Why are the mainstream media not reporting everything ... it’s not right! Why are they covering up all the wrongs being done? We only see Democrats on stations like NBC stating how proud they are of the good job they did and the great evidence they had! Shame on them ... it was a disgrace and they should actually be hanging their heads in complete shame.

If you watched the trial, they said that his speech encouraged the riot. They said that the word “fight” spoke by Trump had “put the crowd in a rage.” Trump’s attorneys showed Democrat after Democrat saying the same word and more over and over at their own rallies. But with their use of the word, they were clearly inciting action from their listeners, unlike Trump’s use that was taken out of context.

Trump’s attorneys played the full clip of Trump’s speech. Did you even watch the trial? Rep. Waters used words that if she was the one on trial, she would be in trouble. She encouraged people go harass all of President Trump’s followers and tell them they were not welcome anywhere in this country. They showed a clip of Rep. Raskin in front of his computer with the doctored Twitter messages. They falsified videos and documents to fit their agenda and it was shown to everyone that watched the trial.

Has anyone ever brought up the question as to why there was not more protection around the Capitol building? This was not the president’s job to do in the first place, stated by a Newsmax guest speaker, a head of the security for the police. He stated that Nancy Pelosi and Mayor Muriel Bowser were in charge of ordering the police, not Trump. The National Guard are not a 911 call. It takes planning to get their help and they knew a large crowd would be there that day. Why didn’t they plan?

I have never in all my life seen a president treated so badly as Donald Trump. What are they going to do without him to blame everything on? The new administration’s hate for Donald Trump is the reason they are taking away everything that was put in place over the last 3 1/2 years. Biden is not doing anything to better this great country or the people. His actions speak louder than his words and he has not brought unity to this country! He is actually dividing us even more. But mainstream media portray the opposite.

I see more and more what is meant by fake news. It’s one-sided and leaves out a lot of the true facts. Every mainstream news station only showed the Democrats’ side! It clearly was their hate for Donald Trump that prompted this trial and its reporting.

The Times-News played the game too, with your headline for the coverage of the impeachment trial. Please tell me why you selected the picture you did for your front page article. To me, it displayed your dislike of Donald Trump. This was not very good journalism. Once-sided media reporting is a major reason why this country is in such a mess.

Please do your readers a favor and stop taking sides. We deserve to be told the truth, whether good or bad and make our own decisions.

Judy Thomas


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