Dr. Russell L. Blaylock, who is a retired neurosurgeon and nutritionist coined the term immunoexcitotoxicity in the medical literature almost a decade ago.

Since then, scientific studies have shown that certain environmental impacts and medical treatments can first prime the microglial cells and then with repeated exposure create a cytokine storm within the central nervous system, which can be fatal or neurologically debilitating to the patient with this repeated exposure.

The same process also occurs within other areas of the body with priming of macrophages, a principle immune cell. In the case of COVID-19, the area of the cytokine storm reaction is within the lungs.

When accurate reporting started to surface from areas we could trust outside of China, I sent Dr. Blaylock an email about how the coronavirus in Asia seemed to be acting in an immunoexcitotoxic manner.

I shared with him several reference video reports on this issue and he has concluded that based on experience with other serious and fatal virus infections and released reports from this virus, virtually all fatalities appeared to be due to cytokine storm activity.

In the United States, this means that people with already compromised primed immune systems are more at risk than the general population. In my opinion, nursing homes should start restricting visits during the next couple months to protect their patients’ welfare.

Currently, 98% of all infected people get over this virus and when the flu season ends it will probably be 99.5% of all infected recover fully. If infections within mainline China are excluded, this infection would have gained little attention, as the mortality outside China is extremely low, probably less than 1% and then mostly in highly susceptible patients, such as the obese, smokers, chronically ill and the frail elderly. This has been proven in influenza patients.

The evidence strongly suggest that hospitals can easily control this cytokine storm by using very large dose intravenous vitamin C and curcumin, both of which has shown high levels of rapid recovery from the effects of this virus induced cytokine storm.

Additional reports from China show that the drug Chloroquine may have similar successful results as very high dose intravenous vitamin C.

For home use in this immune suppressed population one can consider Nano-vitamin C, Nano-curcumin, Nano-ECGC from white tea, (three forms of high absorption compounds) and DHA from high quality omega 3 oils.

The usual purchased vitamin C supplements are not absorbed well enough for full protection. These special high absorption supplements can not only be used as a preventative against coronavirus induced complications, but can also be used to regain immune system integrity.

I am truly blessed and thank Dr. Russell Blaylock, with his brilliant insight. My hope in sharing this information with the public, will help calm some of the fear and panic associated with the media reports of this virus.

Bernard W. Miltenberger


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