Mr. (Jim) Guy recently shared his dystopian appraisal of America (Aug. 24). It’s too bad he and Michelle (Obama) are so depressed. Cheer up!

America is still the world’s envy. Everyone covets our hard-won freedoms and economic power. Publicizing the recent dysfunctional urban-liberal riots might change their minds.

America still protects the common good. Our disadvantaged have never had it so good, even those who by choice contribute little or nothing to national productivity and well-being.

America’s middle class is still a great path to good life. However, it requires earning an economically useful education, humbling yourself into hard work, showing up regularly, being compliant and demonstrating productivity. Sullen underachievers need not apply.

The concept of a primary family breadwinner is so old-fashioned. Women, locked out of the economic engine until the middle of the last century, rightfully took charge of their own financial vitality and entered the workforce. It had positive and negative effects. With the infusion of more workers the value of work diminished. What’s the problem?

Homes, automobiles and good schools are hard-won possessions, not items “allowed” to us by governments, businesses or unions. These fruits of hard work, good financial management and cooperative stakeholder effort require a significant and sustained input of personal resources.

A healthy family is not something that is “allowed” to us. Family health is largely a function of genetic luck and good lifestyle choices. Purchasing or obtaining health insurance is a financial option, but it is no guarantee of good health. It is not a right.

Mr. Guy conflates wage-earning, asset control, asset value, wealth, debt, money, net worth, financial status and cash flow. They are related, but they are not a monolithic conspiracy to harm the unwitting. Billionaire wealth is invested in businesses that employ people and spending it puts wealth back into the economy.

A family only 30 days away from bankruptcy should learn better financial management, starting by reducing unnecessary purchases.

America is not warlike. Countries who behave never feel our power. Peace through strength is a good stance. The liberal idea that problem nations will be nice if treated nicely is a fantasy. Never negotiate with terrorists. Never tolerate bullies. Never buy peace.

Blaming American community and family dissolution on capitalism and the military is faulty. Community and family breakdown is rooted in the liberal notion that community and family relationships can be given to groups who cannot create them. Isn’t it odd that some very poor communities are vigorous and that some unlikely families are happy and successful against all odds. You cannot give good character to others as an alm.

Why do 27% of children live in a single-parent household? Is it America’s fault, or are one-quarter of our nation’s children hampered by the unsuitability of one parent to serve the parent role. Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty are not responsible for poorly conceived and ill-timed procreation. If single parenthood is bad, maybe it should be avoided.

Mr. Guy implies that because 1% are rich it causes the other 99% to commit destructive violence, protest and shoot family members, co-workers, students and worshippers. Really? I suggest that some people are some combination of mean, violent, warped and stupid. Would redistributing $6 trillion cure them?

This speed bump pandemic isn’t causing American dysfunction, nor are climate change, income disparity and racism. Liberal attitudes to those issues create dysfunction.

I think unsustainable liberal policies, the inability of liberals to embrace American individualism and mass brainwashing attempts by the corrupt liberal media in collusion with liberal politicians are what’s creating any dysfunction.

Daniel E. Clements

East Palestine, Ohio 

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