Is there anything so morally repugnant, so economically disastrous, so devastating to security that, we, the people would insist upon stopping?

Is there anything that a politician has the moral clarity and courage to see and stand up against?

The words politician and principled are mutually exclusive this day and age. They are antonyms, Mr. O’Malley! Do not tell us Mr. Obama’s policy towards Arizona is based on principles rather than politics. That’s insulting.

“The hardest thing to explain is that which is glaringly evident and which everybody has decided not to see,” Ayn Rand said.

Are we so sick, so tired that we let our power hungry politicians ignore even such fundamental principles as borders, security, and property? Please say no!

If the federal government decided it was not politically advantageous to enforce laws against rape, kidnapping or murder, would it be reasonable and in the best interests of the Maryland to enact and enforce such laws, Martin O’Malley ?

If the federal government decided to sue the state of Maryland because it decided to enforce laws against the these things would we just go on apathetically with the very little freedoms we have left?

Would we grin and bear it and hail it as a great triumph for tolerance!

Or wake up? I can assume that our currently elected officials would side with the federal government.

Just look at them. Of course they would! They want the soft money from the Democratic National Committee.

 One more time, is there anything so wrong, so morally repugnant that we will stand against it? Please tell me there is!

Furthermore, tell me what it is. Well, rape, kidnapping, drug trafficking and murder are a few of the problems facing the people of Arizona.

It appears that the homes, property, peace and lives of the people of Arizona must be held hostage in quiet desperation by the illegal horde perpetually.

If not, the Presidente will call in Hollywood, the news media, and the Justice Department to mischaracterize the issue.

The cost of harboring illegal immigrants in the United States is a staggering $113 billion a year, an average of $1,117 for every household. (According to a study conducted by the Federation for American Immigration Reform)

If you caught two tall blonde haired male burglars running away from your home after breaking and entering, would you describe the perpetrators to the police? Would you expect them to look for those who met the description?

What if they told you they could not prospect among blondes or males because it was essentially equivalent to profiling?

In fact, they warned you, the victim, to be careful or you could be sued by the federal government for slander and possibly even hate speech. (No blonde jokes, please)

The crime would be unsolvable. The situation must be accepted as a social duty.

What if, after you installed a fence and security system in your home, that the president decided to mention publicly your name as a potential bigot and law and order crackpot for doing so?

What if you found yourself the butt of late night talk show jokesters? What if you were boycotted from buying certain items? What if the president sent the prosecuting attorney to file an injunction against your fence and security system? What if they took you to court and won?

Would you believe you were experiencing a Kafkaesque dream? No, you would be living in America!

Remember bad politicians are sent to Washington, Annapolis or Charleston by good people who either don’t vote or bother to question their hearing! How much can we take?

 Charles Appold



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