If you like the economy as it is and want more of it, vote the incumbents back into office. The primary election is Sept. 14 with early voting from Sept 3 to 9. For the Nov. 2 general election, early voting begins Oct. 22 through Oct 28.

Wasteful spending has been the rule with out-of-control spending, stimulus, budget deficits, bailouts, unwanted Obamacare, TARP, Government Motors (GM), five mortgage/bank bailouts, etc.

Our state senators, Mikulski (now up for re-election for six-year term) and Cardin have voted the Democratic ticket along with our “change” president with debt for our decedents and unemployment of nearly 10 percent or 17 percent (including those who stop looking for work). When our senators are contacted, their staff reinforce that they have or will vote with the President.

We got “‘change” and “hope” that our children and grandchildren will have a better life than we have had — unlikely. They enter the world with their share of federal debt of $43,000, and the debt for each taxpayer is $120,223. For up-to-the-second totals see usdebtelockorg. Look at the national debt, federal spending and budget deficit and be prepared to be amazed.

Oh yes, 44 percent of taxpayers don’t pay any tax at all. These votes ensure that the incumbents stay in office while capitalism is being dissolved in America. Taxpayers have no influence on the Executive, Legislative or Judicial branches.

Incumbents are about expanding government, taking our money, controlling us and eroding freedom. Fortunately we have a conservative representative and a candidate for governor who want to roll back our sales tax to 5 per cent.

At the county level, from the years 2007 through 2010, the property tax increased 3.6, 9.5, 7.4 and 4.4 per cent respectively. That’s 24.9 per cent while incomes decrease and unemployment increases.

Assessments were increased but the rate was not cut to the constant rate in order to equal last year’s income. Spending increased $869,912.

Our census has decreased in spite of having 6,000 inmates and 6,000 students. Families have moved to Pennsylvania and West Virginia to balance their budgets.

Social Security had no increase this year, but the county budget increased 4.4 per cent. What’s wrong with decreasing spending paralleling our residents who remain in this tax-and-spend environment.

Cumberland city council recently raised trash rates 14 per cent, sewer rates 10 per cent, and real estate taxes 4.9 per cent. During the two previous years the increase was 4.6 and 6 per cent. Why can’t our leaders decrease spending or least hold the line on spending? Families do it everyday.

My challenge to you is to research the candidates and vote. Also, pray for our leaders and for America.

Jim Brant



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