Goodbye, Major League Baseball, and rest in peace

I’m paraphrasing this passage from a famous baseball movie that everyone out there will obviously recognize:

The single thread that has bound our nation together for the last 150-odd years has been American baseball.

Our country has been plowed under by an armada of steam shovels, knocked down, erased, rebuilt, then knocked down again. But American baseball has always been there.

American baseball has been the one constant that got our country through two world wars, the Great Depression and the Cold War. This game defines what makes our nation great: Individual achievement, teamwork, humility and American exceptionalism. American baseball reminds us of all that is good and honorable about this country, and that it can be great once again if it is allowed to happen.

Major League Baseball’s decision to remove the All-Star Game and the MLB players draft from Atlanta is yet another example of lemming management stupidly flinging themselves off the woke precipice all in the name of political correctness. Personally, I’m appalled that our national pastime has been so shamelessly politicized all under the pretense of “social justice.”

Well, Commissioner (Rob) Manfred, MLB owners, and the players union have all shot yourselves in the proverbial posterior this time and it’s going to take more than the likes of Babe, Henry Aaron or Mark McGuire to save Major League Baseball. You have managed to completely destroy any sense of trust and loyalty this game once held, so rests in peace America’s pastime.

It was a great run while it lasted and in the meantime, I’m going to start spending my hard-earned discretionary income on something more idyllic and apolitical ... like model railroading or stamp collecting.

Goodbye, Coca-Cola, Budweiser, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and all the other corporate entities who have drunk the progressive, woke Kool-Aid. Farewell Pepsi, Taco Bell, Burger King, Buffalo Wild Wings, Papa John’s and Chevrolet. It’s going to really hurt when 75 million fans close their wallets this summer and the decision-makers have to answer to the shareholders next Christmas.

John Walker

Chief Petty Officer

U.S. Navy (retired)

Little Orleans

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