Seniors get runaround scheduling vaccinations

On Jan. 11, the Allegany County Health Department posted a notice that corona vaccine was available for people over 75 by appointment through senior centers or online. On Jan. 12 at 9:30 a.m. the Frostburg senior center was accepting no calls. My husband resorted to the online option. He had to photograph his insurance card, download it to the computer and attach it to the application which are skills I don’t have. By the evening of the 12th there were no more appointments.

What this experience taught me was that people who don’t have a computer don’t stand a chance. They can only learn of the vaccine if they check the ACHD website daily, and without a computer this is impossible. People who learn of the vaccine availability have to hope the senior center answers the phone. People who try to register online need to be computer savvy or ignore the instructions and hope they can still get an appointment. Last you need to have access to a driver to get you there because you have to get to Barton Park Drive.

Please tell me how his is fair to the poor, handicapped, non-drivers, visually impaired and those with limited computer skills. There needs to be a better way.

Jackie Snelson


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