Someone, make it make any sense at all

I am confused. Well, that is not surprising to people that know me.

I am utterly confounded by today’s editorial in the Cumberland Times News. There has to be a thesis and anti thesis to yield confusion. So, here goes.

The editorial today seems to say that there should be more gambling in Maryland and specifically Allegany County. Other sections of the paper seem to say that people in Allegany County, the country in general and Allegany County are financially hurting.

Wouldn’t you think that if people are hurting, that a newspaper and a state government wouldn’t be promoting increased gambling? This increased gambling that the Editorial staff wants is in the form of sports gambling at Rocky Gap.

Rocky Gap, to their credit, has not pursued sports gambling as other Maryland casinos have. Good for Rocky Gap. The state of Maryland has long had this ironic philosophy of encouraging and promoting gambling for people who cannot afford to gamble. Yet, tell us how our tax money should be given to the less fortunate.

How many times have you been standing in line at Sheetz or a 7-Eleven somewhere in Maryland? How many times has the line been held up by people with holes in the back of their pants and nothing but a very low odds hope and a dream as they pass their money over the counter to state of Maryland scratch off and and gambling devices?

I have long thought, “shame on Maryland,” for promoting, aggrandizing and glorifying gambling at the very base level to low income communities. Pick their pockets, Maryland, and then continue to tell us how much you care about low income citizens.

And, oh yeah, newspaper editorial staff, where is your social conscience?

Bill Zapf


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