The week-end of June 3, 2011, Washington Middle School eighth-graders went to New York.

It was a great experience for the parents and children.

They went to Chinatown, Lil' Italy, The Morning Show on CBS, a Broadway play, harbor cruise and Time Square. The whole weekend was totally geared for the children.

Mrs. Shawnee McElfish has been doing this trip for 15 years. “Thank you” just isn't enough for Mrs, McElfish's dedication to the eighth-graders at Washington. They have been so lucky to have her.

Every parent on the trip thanks you for giving our children such a wonderful memory.

We will be ever gratful to Mrs. McElfish who made it possible for our 8th graders to have ended their years at Washington Middle School with such a lasting memory.

Thank you for a great fun-filled weekend. You are very special.

Washington Middle School

Eighth-grade parents

Buses No. 1 and 2

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