Trump campaign signs have many meanings

This is not a letter about the meaning of a Trump yard sign before Jan. 6. This is a letter about what a Trump yard sign means now.

Your Trump yard sign, your Trump flag, your Trump banner, now tells all your neighbors, all passers-by, this:

• Everyone who lives beneath this roof favors mob rule over the rule of law;

• Supports lawlessness, violence and anarchy;

• Opposes the U.S. Constitution and the electoral process;

• Considers every poll worker a criminal, everyone who voted Democrat a traitor;

• Has no respect for the U.S. House, nor the U.S. Senate;

• Has no respect for the U.S. Capitol, nor the police officers who guard it, nor the citizens of the District of Columbia;

• Opts for fantasy over reality, lies over truth.

• Those who live in this house teach their children that only bullies win.

All this is what your yard sign means.

Your sign may or may not include language printable in a family newspaper, but however it is worded, what your sign means is obscene.

Andy Duncan


State should be helping speed up vaccines

This letter is in response to the article, “Governor announces steps to speed up Maryland vaccinations.”

I read with dismay that Gov. Larry Hogan has decided to reallocate doses of the vaccine if they are not given to the people. It was reported Hogan said, “any facility that has not administered at least 75% of its total first doses may have future allocations reduced until they can speed up vaccinations.”

I disagree with his response. A proper response should have been, “What resources can we provide to assist you in getting the vaccinations to the people in your jurisdiction?”

The response should not be to remove potential life-saving vaccines from areas of the state. He has also created an executive order requiring providers to report data to the state within 24 hours after vaccines have been administered. This requires more paperwork when that time could be better allocated to providing vaccinations.

Get the people the “damn” vaccine.

Shelly Brown


Theft victim wants gym bag and its contents

A few days before Christmas, I had my black Burton gym bag taken from my car while it was parked in my driveway. My bag was a gift from my daughter and contained my swimsuits, goggles, fins, some costume jewelry, etc.

While the bag itself was quite nice, I don’t imagine its contents were of any value to someone other than me. I would love to get my bag and its contents back, on the off chance someone may be having second thoughts about their actions.

Thanks and Happy New Year.

Dee W. Bower


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