This is in response to a letter written by Nayano Taylor-Neumann regarding immigration. (See: “Know the facts before judging the so-called ‘illegals,’” June 5 Times-News.)

This massive influx of “undocumented” immigrants has reached a critical mass at the southern border to create a crisis. I agree with Taylor-Neumann on two points: An open border is not the answer, and uncontrolled migration will implode our economy and destabilize the country. I also endorse humanitarian support for those in need.

However, what is happening on our southern border is no different from “breaking and entering” and that is by no means legal. They are breaking the law. If B&E happens in my home, I have to protect my family with whatever means necessary.

I realize they come from third world countries and probably running away from poverty and wanting to experience the “American dream.” I can understand that, and I did the same thing.

But we have a system of immigration and rule of law to follow. The quota system has been used for many decades. People apply from their country of origin and patiently wait for approval.

Our border is no longer impregnable, and the system broke down with DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival), Dreamers act, lottery system, chain migration, catch and release policy and hosts of other loop holes like asylum. True asylum takes some time to verify and approve.

Another caveat we have to keep in mind is that whether you believe it or not our country is still at war. Jihadis declared war on America some time ago. They proved their point by giving us another taste of “Pearl Harbor” using commercial airline jets on 9/11.

This is the reason why our brave soldiers are deployed everywhere and many come back in caskets and wheelchairs.

We must really be at war, although it is hard to distinguish who our true enemies are. They do not wear any kind of uniforms. They are enemies of the state if they are “radicalized.”

Our friends and allies are not radicalized.  But how will you be able to tell? Like the famous Trojan Horse, they can easily blend in with the migrant caravans and enter our country without any trouble.

This is the issue our country faces today. There is no easy solution, and I believe no one can claim an expertise on our immigration and border crisis.

Ray Espina

Ex-major, U.S Army, Vietnam War


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