Vitamin C could hold the key to stopping COVID-19

Your headline read, “Cases of COVID-19 increase locally.”

There is the possibility to change this situation quickly. Vitamin C is the key!

At the right dose, vitamin C protects against COVID-19 and, with high doses, administered intravenously, COVID-19 will be combatted. Infected persons survive with it and can leave the hospital earlier.

Can you imagine what that means? If everyone takes vitamin C at the recommended dose (I currently take 3x 1,000 mg a day) and therefore does not suffer from COVID-19, the intensive care units are suddenly empty and the lock-downs are unnecessary? “Thinking outside the box” is urgently needed!

It’s so simple. Our blood contains white blood cells called leukocytes. These leukocytes fight viruses and bacteria that are undesirable in the body. They need vitamin C to do that. And when vitamin C is used up in the fight against the invaders, the viruses continue their destruction work unhindered.

A few years ago it was discovered to replenish vitamin C requirements with ascorbin, and so the high-dose IV vitamin C therapy has emerged, little attention has been paid.

Here is a recent report, published by the well-known Elsevier publisher in the Journal of Global Antimicrobial Resistance, summarizing the research: Possible application of high-dose vitamin C in the prevention and therapy of coronavirus infection

How could we end the pandemic?

Here’s a suggestion: Everyone takes the recommended daily dose of vitamin C as a prophylaxis. If a test detects COVID-19 infection, this person is asked if he/she has regularly taken the recommended dose of vitamin C. I suppose the answer will be “no.” If the result is that none of the newly infected people have regularly taken the recommended dose of vitamin C, then this measure is a complete success.

Does that sound good? Perhaps convincing?

Dirk Bruehl


Local good Samaritan helps dog and owner in Virginia

Frostburg, you have a good Samaritan in your midst!

On Saturday, Nov. 7, “Scott” and his wife were day tripping in Leesburg, Virginia, with some friends. The friendship goes back to their days together at the Air Force Academy.

I was walking around town with my dog. Evidently he picked up a glass shard in his paw and was yelping loudly, clearly in pain.

The entire group stopped to help. Scott scooped Otter up, flipped him over, and they took turns having a look, and poking around. One lady magically produced a magnifying glass, and found the shard quickly.

Scott, along with his sweet wife, then carried the little guy all the way back to my car (about three blocks), and placed him gently in the backseat.

This act of extreme kindness came at such a perfect time (election stress and fatigue) and I could not be more grateful. What a gentleman!

Joan Henry

Leesburg, Va.

Where were the calls for unity four years ago?

I noticed in your editorial Nov. 12 where you called for unity and today, Nov. 13, a couple of more people called for unity.

This is funny to me, for four years there was no unity, and do not recall the paper ever calling for unity. I doubt if there will be complete unity now. Too many people will remember how for four years all the Democrats did was try to get rid of a duly elected president.

What we need to do now is start looking ahead four years and hopefully someone will come out that will bring unity, but it will not be this group. Too much hate to overcome.

I hope for this country’s sake I am wrong and the two sides will try to get along but I will not hold my breath.

Donald Eye

Moorefield, W.Va.

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