There are many white friends reaching out to their black friends and acquaintances due to the murder of yet another black man, Mr. George Floyd, while in police custody. I say yes, many people are enlightened. They see people as people regardless of the color of their skin or their ethnicity. It is also interesting that many intolerant people, if they were in a position to need a heart transplant, voila! They would not care about the color of the donor’s skin. There is underlying, deep seated anger and mistrust among the races and it was put there on purpose.

The United States is a young country comparatively, only 243 years old although people were brought to this country as slaves as early as 1619. Remember, slaves were not brought to this country. People (mothers, fathers, children) were brought here and made to be slaves.

The U.S. was set up as a capitalistic society: get rich and keep any group down that does not advance that ideal. Create a stock market where the average black person is not involved and lives paycheck to paycheck then call them lazy because their paycheck is not enough to live on and they need government help. Systemic manipulation. You had/have redlining where black people are kept from buying property in certain neighborhoods. Then those white neighborhoods get the best schools and the best resources. Manipulation. Some systemic racism does get called out as in the Civil Rights Act. But when the courts must intervene, “a man persuaded against his will is of the same opinion still.”

The Republican Party is generally seen as the party of big business and wealth. Why is a black Republican an anomaly? The general consensus is, black person, stay in your lane. The Democratic Party is characterized as bleeding hearts, always advocating social programs and helping the poor. But we know there are wealthy people that help the poor and there are black people that are wealthy. Why the division? Purposeful division and manipulation.

Why should any president of the United States represent only half of the country? Will this division go on into perpetuity?

Until people have an honest examination of themselves, we will continue to have racism and division. Do you understand your white privilege?

I had a conversation with a white woman about white privilege and she went into a litany of her childhood that she insisted was not privileged. None of which was because of the color of her skin. Maybe a lack of resources but not the color of her family’s skin. Another white woman complained about a Mexican immigrant getting government financial help to start a lawncare business. She said she just wants a level playing field. Can you hear how tone deaf that statement is?

When you as a white person see black guys with their pants down over their butt, what do you think? Are you disgusted? Do you lump all black guys into one? Guess what? I’m disgusted by this sight too. I don’t know the point unless they are saying “kiss mine.” When you as a black person see a white person displaying the Confederate flag what do you think? I am personally disgusted by that symbol. It’s the same as the Nazi flag to me. What are the wearers trying to say? That they support a time when slavery was legal? We are all guilty of lumping people into one group or another.

Why does your family lean one way or another politically? What have they heard or seen from you that they are emulating?

Until people have an honest examination of themselves, we will continue to have racism and division.

Also, how can we ever learn if we only hear the echo of our own sentiments on social media and one news station? Purposeful division and manipulation.

Joyce Wormack


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