When the conduct of an elected official is so blatantly egregious that it offends any sense of decency, it needs to be forcefully condemned.

I refer to two recent articles from The Washington Post demonstrating how President Donald Trump’s character is immoral at its core.

For anyone who has a child, the worst thing on the face of the earth that could ever be inflicted upon you is the loss of that child.

Granted, having your child separated from you is not exactly the same as what happened to African-American families during our depraved history of slavery.

But the twisted mindset exhibited by our president in allowing the forcible wrenching of children from their parents, who as immigrants were legally seeking asylum, certainly amounts to a terror whose sole purpose was a vindictive punishment.

I would further posit that it is in a direct line from the attitudes that were part of our past institutionalization of racial terror.

As Toni Morrison wrote in “Beloved,” “What she called the nastiness of life was the shock she received upon learning that nobody stopped playing checkers just because the pieces included her children ... hearing that her two girls, neither of whom had their adult teeth, had been sold and gone, and she had not been able to wave goodbye.”

So it is that we have learned that the number of children forcibly taken from their parents at our borders was 1,556 more than the Trump administration reported, bringing the total to 4,256.

No matter what your opinion may be in regard to our failed immigration policies, using these children in such a way, using them as checkers, demeans all those who believe in the universal dignity of humans.

Next, turn your moral compass to a review of the recently published book, “All The President’s Women.”

Based on investigative reporting, it documents with excruciating detail the fact that Trump has been throughout his adult life a sexual predator. There is no denying the fact that he is a misogynistic cad who deserves nothing but the harshest disdain.

Caught on tape speaking proudly of how he grabs the genitalia of women, he writes it off as “locker room talk,” but the evidence speaks otherwise. He has treated so many women as sexual objects that, in his warped mind, they should welcome his inappropriate advances.

You have to be an enabler to not recognize that he is mired in a sewer of a repulsive male power trip. Our society has rightfully come around to a zero tolerance for such obnoxious behavior, except for the one person who happens to be our president.

So where is the outrage from our citizenry who claim to have the moral guidance of their religious beliefs? Whether you may be Christian, Jewish, Muslim or any other religion that believes in principles based on a just and loving God, you open yourself to derision and the indefensible charge of hypocrisy when you support such a vile person.

Trump won 75% of the votes in Western Maryland, and those people who cast their ballot for him stand guilty in enabling such a despicable person to hold the highest office in our nation.

If you do the same in this next election cycle, you have surely lost the capacity for feeling any shame when it comes to scorning your religious doctrines.

Perhaps it is time to open your hearts and see how wayward you have strayed from what you profess to believe; time to be honest with yourself and to end your duplicity before your God.

Jeffrey Davis


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