Christmas is a time of celebration. It has become a widely enjoyed holiday that is observed by millions with gift giving, family get-togethers, special music and tree lighting.

Those who are true Christians are blessed with full hearts because we are celebrating the birth of Jesus, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Christmas is much more than just an event that comes around every year in December. It’s the celebration of a promise made by God that was fulfilled on a special day.

We celebrate Dec. 25 because of the birth of a savior. Without the incarnation there would be no Savior and no salvation promised for those who have recognized Him in their heart, and those who will do so.

Christmas is the promise of God’s presence with his people forever. Yes, Jesus finished his work on earth at that time and ascended into heaven, but He is still with us in spirit.

As you celebrate the Christmas season, may you be filled with true happiness, as the Christmas tree reminds us of the tree that Jesus suffered and died on so that his people could be saved from eternal suffering.

We await the gifts that remind us of the greatest gift ever — the savior and the lights that remind us of the True Light that came to give eternal life to all who believe in Him. Let’s celebrate Christmas as it truly is; a gift for His people!

Mike Flanagan


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