Gary Hankins letter, “Yielding to shutdown is surrendering our rights” and Steve Baker’s letter “Other people are to blame for this beside President Trump” (both May 16 Times-News) both assist Americans to begin to realize that the media have duped too many Americans and caused them to hide under the bed, instead of standing as Americans used to do.

We have submitted to tyranny without a bit of resistance. “The home of the brave”?

Recently, several governors have been awakened for their oppression by several Constitutional judges, who have used the U.S. Constitution to reverse them and return our rights.

Between the grossly incorrect statistics they feed us (blaming heart and other deaths on the virus), and the attempts to overthrow a duly elected president, cause us to wonder — have we totally lost all our rights, and is the government totally corrupt?

Attorney General Barr seems to be one of a very few who is trying to right the legal wrongs.

Thomas E. Doyle


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