My wife and I were visitors to your lovely city last fall. We visited our son and his wife who reside in Cumberland. I fully support Barbara Coates’ arguments and contentions (“They will spend their money, why not let them do it here?” May 28 Times-News).

Henceforth, Rocky Gap Lodge and Golf Resort’s existence is going to be a very important economic center point of the Mountain Regions of Western Maryland and West Virginia.

Whether it be a slot-machines only mall or an eventual full-fledged casino, the multiplier effects that are sure to be generated within the Allegany County’s local economy in general and Cumberland’s in particular shall constitute perhaps the most crucial catalyst for the much needed business revival of the region.

Any further delays in arresting the southerly trends of the local economic settings would surely kill both the history and the regional pride of the populace. It portends a colossal national loss too.

The appropriate infrastructures already are in place: For example, the regional airport. It has the inherent potential for a growing general aviation sub-industry.

Careful planning and of course lobbying will perhaps upgrade the air terminal in Wiley Ford into a feeder airport to the Dulles (airport). A definite boon for aspiring air-taxi operators (targeting casino-goers who are time-constrained) and the resultant employment opportunities created. The scenic railway is another complementary amenity.

With suitable incentives and local transit links, tourists are likely to be attracted to make side trips to Rocky Gap. That’s for sure.

Of course, the much touted attempts to inject life once again into Canal Place will be a piece of cake, you bet.

Both Western Maryland Health System and its neighbor, Allegany College of Maryland, will be the focuses of health tourism and vocational training attractions, respectively.

With all the aforesaid, there are no reasons for the county and local leaders not to pursue for firm and forward looking leadership that which will propel the many dynamic strategies for the definite revival of the regional economics.

For now, the long term economic well-being of the entire region shall be the very top priorities of the local, state and national politicians and planners alike.

Bernie Lum

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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