“Mask” hysteria. 

I thought about calling this “TP Hysteria,” as it may be more accurate. But the former, has more of a ring to it.

This past week has given many of us pause for thought. What is going on in the world? Is it the end of days? Is God telling us that we are not invincible after all? Or can we all learn some lessons from our ride on this crazy train?

Let’s take a look at the latest government directed “social distancing.” Can we gain anything from hunkering down?

First off, this new way of life has taught me patience. The lines at the grocery stores have been so long. And it’s also taught me humility. When someone invites me to go in front of them at the supermarket, it humbles me to do the same for others.

It’s also reminded me of all the creative projects we can do at home. How about jigsaw puzzles with your kids? Or getting out the paints, taking an online class (many are free), or practicing an instrument?

I’m not a builder, but what about working on a building project with your kids? How about those books that have been waiting patiently for us to crack open or writing an article such as this one?

What about calling up your neighbors and asking if they need anything? Or rather than texting, actually have a conversation with that far away friend? There are tons of online groups such as book clubs and Bible studies.

Also, we can still get outside and take that walk or an online exercise class. The possibilities are unlimited. Let’s see how we can make our lives for the better during our self-isolation. We may actually come out (from under the covers) better than before.

Karen Kurzdorfer

Lake Station, Ind.

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