Jessica Klotz

Jessica Klotz was fishing with her dad recently and caught and released this nice brown trout on the Youghiogheny River. (Photo by Alan Klotz)

Despite recent heavy rains, most of the western Maryland creeks and streams are in good shape for trout fishing. There are plenty of hatches occurring and terrestrial insects are more common now. Watch for swarms of flying ants and be prepared with small ant-pattern flies this time of the year to “match the hatch.” Hoppers are always a good bet in some of the more open areas.

Jessica Klotz was fishing with her dad recently and caught and released this nice brown trout on the Youghiogheny River. 

The upper Potomac is running strong but okay for fishing, however it is predicted to rise by the weekend as a result of runoff. Fishing for smallmouth bass has been good in the early morning hours with topwater lures near shallow grass. Soft plastic jigs and small crankbaits are a good choice for working deeper waters during the day.

Largemouth bass are the popular target in the tidal Potomac and most of them are holding near thick grass. Working the shallow areas in the early morning hours or late evening with various topwater lures is always a fun way to fish. As the sun rises higher in the sky, bass will seek out cool shade under thick grass in deeper waters or docks, brush or fallen treetops. Soft plastics and jigs work well in these areas.

Crappie fishing is reported to be slow in the tidal Potomac and other tidal rivers. Deep structure is usually where you will find them during the summer months. Bluegills offer some fun fishing this time of the year in the ponds and lakes that dot the Maryland landscape. A simple bobber and worm will work for the younger set, but if you’d like to enjoy some exciting action try using small rubber-legged poppers or similar topwater insect lures. They can be fished with an ultra-light spinning outfit or a light weight fly rod.

Largemouth bass are always a popular target for freshwater fishermen and provide plenty of fun fishing wherever they are found. Tidal rivers such as those on the Eastern Shore offer plenty of room to enjoy some peaceful fishing. Farm ponds and reservoirs always offer relatively easy access and great fishing experiences. Largemouth bass are now in their summer mode of behavior. They feed in the shallower areas at night and retreat to cool shade during the day. Northern snakeheads will be part of the mix when fishing topwater lures such as buzzbaits or frogs over thick grass – they will usually reside there all summer as long as the grass lasts. They are ambush predators and the grass offers perfect cover. Snakeheads are spreading rapidly throughout the Chesapeake watershed so you might find one where you never expected it.

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