The 2009 Allegany County Fair has come to an end. For some, it is a great relief and for others, it brings a little sadness.

The week seemed to speed by. The FFA and 4-H members had a lot of work to get done in just seven short days. In addition to their regular duties of feeding, watering, and cleaning stalls, there was show preparation.

However, I believe the participants enjoyed their week because I saw many smiles and heard laughter throughout the barn regardless of the chores and preparations that had to be done. I also saw the kids helping each other as well as giving support to all in need.

As an observer, I would say that many friendships have sprouted and some have grown stronger over the week. I know that each participant has gained something, besides ribbons, to take home — if nothing else but memories. I do think more has taken place in each individual that they may not be aware of — something they can use in their future — character.

A thanks needs to be extended to the parents, volunteers, FFA and 4-H leaders, Ag Expo, University of Maryland Educators, award sponsors, and anyone who took their time to help make the agricultural part of this fair to go on. Without these animals and the support from all of the people behind the FFA and 4-H members, the fair would be nothing but a carnival.

I, especially, want to take this time to thank the buyers and bidders who supported these children on July 25. You made the effort to come and support these children and make all of their work worth while. I sat through the sale and watched as each animal was sold.

I can’t personally give you the appreciation and thanks that I feel you deserve for supporting the children. You deserve a larger reward than I can give you in this letter.

Please make every effort to attend the Buyers Appreciation Dinner held by the FFA and 4-H members to recognize you and serve you a fine meal that they will plan in the upcoming months. It is the least we can do to show our appreciation.

Jo Ann Flinn, volunteer

Allegany County 4-H

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