Watch out

Watch out

Our friends who ride motorcycles frequently tell us the biggest danger they face comes from the drivers of vehicles that have more than three wheels (motorcycles also come in three-wheeled versions for people who aren’t comfortable with having only two wheels on the road).

According to the Maryland State Highway Administration, more than half of the drivers of non-motorcycle vehicles are responsible for crashes involving motorcycles, and the number of single-vehicle motorcycle fatalities is decreasing.

The problem is that motorists may be looking out for other trucks or automobiles, but not for motorcycles. They actually seem not to notice motorcycles (or bicycles, for that matter), even when they are present in traffic.

SHA and the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration Motorcycle Safety Program offer these ways that motorists can share the road with motorcyclists who have an equal right to be there:

• Respect the motorcyclist. Motorcycles are vehicles with the same privileges as any vehicle on the roadway. Give the motorcyclist a full lane of travel.

• Be on the lookout for motorcycles and look twice before turning or pulling out.

• Give motorcyclists plenty of space. Traffic, weather and road conditions require motorcyclists to react and maneuver differently than the vehicle driver.

• Be courteous, nonaggressive and cooperative.

For more information, log on to and look for Share the Road.

The education campaign also extends to cyclists.

• Ride so you are seen. Use lane positioning to be seen. Ride with your headlight on and consider using a modulating headlight.

• Give yourself space and time to react. Make lane moves gradually.

• Wear the proper gear, including a motorcycle helmet and reflective material to enhance your visibility to other motorists.

• Signal your intentions. Avoid weaving between lanes. Flash your brake light when you are slowing down and before stopping.

• Be courteous and respect other motorists.

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